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Activities and Accomplishments

[edit] Fall 2009

Positive Protest

Cookies for Climate Change

Vampire SmartStrip Volunteer Event

Members worked in collaboration with KSSG to create KSSG Green Rep position

Inclusion of green question in 2010 HKS Student Survey

Bringing climate change to top speakers in HKS - from Newt Gingrich to the Tea Party

Spring 2010

Student-led Waste Audit

Informal tour of trash/recycling containers in HKS buildings, attended by KSCA members and Facilities

Composting progress, in collaboration with HKS Green Team and Facilities/Sodexo

Idea-stealing cafeteria tours at other Harvard grad schools

Bike Day including free tune-ups

Zero Waste Earth Day Quorum Call

Saved waste and put climate change slogans in every classroom, by selling "Green is the new Crimson" reusable HKS coffee mugs

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